Matthieu Toussaint (aka Matam)

One vision. Eyes wandering across the field of view, and behind.

Front - When the life stop - June 2013

I do remember that street. I do remember the talks, I do remember the scents, along the street. I do remember the colors, the smiles too.

A long time ago.

Urban changes. A whole side will go away, in a few month, or years. A fresh view on the river, a empty view on the side. People thrown out, expropriated. We all know how they do. Some rare are still open, for a few month, maybe, like a pointed fist against a coming death.

Windows are getting dirty, hiding ghost from a recent past. Hidden lights between curtains, all empty. Emptied from their function, from their people, from all and everything. Empty shell, silently whispering on the cold breeze crossing the streets.

Doors definitively closed, tags on the front, bolted doors. No one in, no one out. Indefinitely waiting. For the moment when they'll fall, in a dust cloud. Never to rise again. Like fading memories.

- Rue Spintay / Verviers -

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